Sometimes we happen upon a person, an event or information that makes a difference in our lives. That is what happened when I explored the PCRM webpage several years ago and discovered that there was a Food for Life Trainer in Celebration! Your eagerness to talk with me and spend time with Nan and I at your house that first meeting convinced me that this was one of those events that would make a big difference in lots of lives.

My recent conversation with Sue of Chamberlin’s Health Market was just another example of the impact I have seen you have. You have heard the story, as Nan was so kind to take Sue with her to one of your summer sessions after Sue shared her journey that began with the Lake Ashton cooking classes.

There are many more lives you have impacted and continue to influence with your efforts. Mine included. I love to listen to you reflect on events and how to make them work in a more powerful and productive manner. The conversation we had one day about how you were integrating all the good…Food for Life, your expertise and Plant Pure Nation was very insightful. You see the big picture, understand how people learn and create new models.

Too often in this busy life I miss the opportunity to pause and thank those who give so much. So I wanted to thank you for the tremendous impact you have had on my life and those in Chat and Chew.

Hope you are having a good summer and you completed more of your courses to take you closer to your goals.

– Cathy Thornhill

My journey to better health and fitness via exercise and whole food plant based nutrition through the direction of Kim Kirschner.

Several years ago I decided to direct my energies to obtaining better health and fitness. I had met Kim through real estate association meetings and knew that she was focusing on optimal health and nutrition and running events and that she was credentialed in several holistic health modalities. I contacted Kim for some advice on health, nutrition and fitness. She provided me excellent information on all aspects of the three subjects. In the last two years I have worked to incorporate as much of her instruction as I can with the net result being my best health and fitness condition due to the foundation of whole food plant based nutrition.

In these last two years I have gone from 185 pounds to 157 pounds. My energy levels, flexibility and stamina have increased. I turned 63 on April 3rd. For anyone seeking optimal health, fitness and nutrition I suggest connecting with Kim.

– Stan Armstrong

My wife Mary and I first became acquainted with Kim Kirschner in June 2012, when we were 62 and 65 respectively, and quickly decided to commit ourselves to her nutritional and exercise programs. Within a matter of weeks we knew that our lives were changing dramatically for the better. After a year of maintaining this commitment we both feel 15 years younger, move with greater agility, experience higher levels of energy throughout the day, and actually believe we have better acuity and memory. I have lost 25 pounds, achieving a body mass index (BMI) of 26, and successfully removed statins from my daily medications, achieving healthy lipid levels through diet and exercise alone. Whereas my father died at 65 of heart disease, recent medical tests indicate that my 10 year risk of heart attack or stroke is significantly below the norm for my age and gender group.
Mary lost 15 pounds, reaching a BMI of 20, and has experienced similar improvements in energy, agility, and perceived acuity, and successfully resolved digestive issues that had persisted for years. Symptoms of Reynaud’s syndrome were reduced, and elimination of estrogen therapy was facilitated by the nutritional and exercise programs. For both of us, measurements of percentage of body fat were reduced to healthy levels.

Our exercise activities prior to meeting Kim had been regular aerobics, but Kim introduced us to 3 days/week, 1 to 2 hours/day of strength, balance, and core training using the Power Plate and a variety of full body exercises. Our aerobic exercises on the other days of the week broadened to include bicycling and running (after many years with no running) and our recreational activities include extended bike rides and enrollment in a 10 mile group run, with the ambition of soon running a half marathon. Having recently moved from Florida to Wisconsin, we soon will be cross-country skiing.
We changed our diet substantially, going non-dairy and about 70% vegetarian, with occasional fish and very minimal beef or chicken. Energy went up and weight went down. By going non-dairy my singing voice improved in both range and quality, so I’m back in the church choir! We added vitamin and mineral supplements to our diet which provide numerous benefits, including reduced inflammation, improvement in muscle health, metabolism, joint health, calcium absorption and many other factors.

Finally, perhaps the most beneficial aspect of working with Kim has been her constant education on principles of exercise, nutrition, and overall health. We enrolled in her cooking classes to explore ways to make our diet not only healthier but wonderfully interesting and flavorful; these classes included videos on the principles behind healthy eating. She conducted group visits to Costco and BJ’s to learn the products to buy or avoid and how to read labels to know the difference. She accompanied us to buy athletic shoes that would reinforce correct running form, and Vibram 5-Fingers shoes for stimulation and strengthening of foot and lower leg muscles. Every visit to Kim’s home included sampling of new recipes for healthy smoothies, cookies, oatmeal, even pancakes! We have followed Kim’s lead in purchasing products that lower our exposure to toxins and other chemicals harmful to ourselves and the environment.

We have moved from Florida to Wisconsin, but after more than a year of her ongoing instruction and extraordinary example, we believe we have the tools to carry her impact forward, with optimism that our lives will have high quality for many years.

– Mary and John Myers

We had the great good fortune to start our vegan lives under Kim’s tutelage. To work with Kim is to be part of a large, extended family of people who are working to make their lives better. For Kim, the progress of everyone she works with is important. She coaches us all through food preparation for shared meals and trips to the store (including discount warehouses!) to understand and take advantage of the many vegan choices available. Kim has studied a wide range of research on diet and supplementation and shares her knowledge in a manner that makes it easy for the client to work with their physician to tailor their medication protocol.

Kim simultaneously coaches us all through a personalized exercise program. We are both of late (late) middle age and have had the privilege of working with many talented people throughout our lives and Kim is absolutely in the top 1% of talent, application of talent, patience and good humor. We would, without any hesitation, recommend that anyone contemplating lifestyle change work with Kim.

– Jane Villa